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Breaking the Barrier

Intelligent automotive is the leading trend in the industry. Autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, and conventional automobiles coexist and innovate daily to meet customer expectations for safety and services. Manufacturers must move quickly on the digital front to increase overall operational efficiency while remaining profitable.
Transform successfully with us by embracing IoT, Intelligent Automation, Data Analytics, and Digital Apps to stay ahead of the competition and lead the way into the future.

Product & Development

With the increase of autonomous vehicles on the road, there has been a significant revolution in future vehicles. Hence it is of utmost priority to have an intelligent production line to obtain productivity and observability benefits. Moreover, unlock great value and accelerate innovation by leveraging the power of our Innovative Digital Solutions.

Hardware Design 

Designing with ML

Shop floor environment monitoring

Vehicular Communication Systems

Sales & After Sales

It’s the time for a change for dealers and after-sales. The future ecosystem holds tailored bricks and clicks models to interact with the partners as well as to provide a great customer experience.

Update your sales model with Agamin’s next-generation digital solutions to become a pioneer.

Intrusion Detection system

Automated Scheduling

Digital Product Design

Non-Destructive Testing Solutions

Data Processing

Core Operations & Supply Chain

Suppliers and OEMs are pursuing their core strategy and operations to optimize their current core processes and adapt digitization. It results in the acceptance of holistic business models and a digitalized ecosystem. With our Innovative Digital Solutions, we can help you accelerate your transition.

Robotic Process Automation

Customer Journey Management

Fleet Management

Predictive Maintenance

Monitoring Analytics

Autonomous Vehicle Development Platform

Autonomous vehicles are creating a revolution in the industry. It has made comfort a luxury for users. Right from providing guidance while driving and parking with ease, Autonomous vehicles have made a huge difference. 

At Agamin, we have a team of experts who finely delivers autonomous vehicle development solutions which are of open-source nature as well, that support the innovators to develop autonomous vehicles and their technologies for supporting operations like Data Preparation & Management, Simulation & Testing, Verification & Validation and transform the driving experience into highly automated supervised driving.

Our Team specializes in 


AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture)

For intelligent mobility, we adhere to a standardized software framework. One of our goals is to integrate, exchange, re-use, and transfer functions inside the automotive network to improve operational and development efficiency. Our AUTOSAR Touch Points include Non-AUTOSAR, Adaptive AUTOSAR, and Classic AUTOSAR.



Integrate a design-rich infotainment system in the vehicle and couple it with other networks such as ADAS systems, smartphones, appliances, and other telematics devices to experience pleasant driving.


Embedded C

Convert your mechanical systems to electromechanical records and simplify the process of writing software programs into vehicle microcontrollers and various functionalities such as ignition, audio systems, and so on to transform your ordinary vehicle into a safer and more technologically advanced automobile.



A CANoe makes development, testing, and analysis easier for designers and engineers throughout the development process as well as for the ECU network.



The Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is a camera based sensor which guides the driver and makes them aware of the surroundings for a better driving experience. With ADAS, continuously and accurately monitoring the vehicle's environment makes the journey safe and easy.

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