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IoT-Enabled Solutions

Recent IoT (Internet of Things) technology advancements have enabled intelligent data connection and delivery. In addition, IoT has made tracking assets, people, and processes easier than the company’s previous cellular technology.  Our team provides an ideal blend of IoT capabilities to focus on addressing complex enterprise problems and creating more chances of generating better-connected services and products.

Pointed Services

Consulting and Development

Device Connectivity

Build and Deploy


Third Party Operate

Run and Operate

The Digital Twin

Create simulations from real-time data to anticipate the performance of the future business process in advance. Any real product or service you provide can be represented in a 3D model. The company can then determine how it works, what its features are, understand its behavioral aspects, and improve on the actual product or service, lowering costs and optimizing the entire process.

Pointed Services


Model Development

Build and Operate



AR/VR is a fun solution that transforms everyday activities into a virtual world with digital features.  It enables workforce training in specific life-like scenarios, 3D modeling, and early-stage product creation. 
AR/VR helps in providing a deep understanding of the solutions developed and their purposes.

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Designing and Developing

Corporate Learning/Training

Build and Deploy


Web3 Services

We provide Web3 services, which is a new iteration of the World Wide Web that focuses on enabling the privacy and security of data. It decentralizes it and is built on blockchain technology and token-based economics.

Pointed Services

Token Development

Blockchain Development

Cloud Solution

Moving to the cloud to stay agile without risking any business data is a complicated task to do.  Our team potentially provides flexible services to move business data and applications to multiple clouds at a large scale, supported by automation, agility, and flexibility.

Pointed Services

Cloud Migration

Cloud Data & Analytics

Cloud SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

Digital Product Engineering

Businesses are looking for a high speed of innovation which can bring Agility and provide a great customer experience. Digital Product Engineering does exactly that.

Pointed Services

UI/UX design

Product Development

Enterprise Application Modernization

Mobility Solutions

Application Support


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