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Digital Solutions for the Foundation of Information Society.


Digital Solutions for the Foundation of Information Society.

Everyone looks at telecommunications providers to ensure they are connected to a diversified global network and receive the most inexpensive, fastest, and cutting-edge services. As a result, telecom businesses are under intense pressure to provide avant-garde services, manage massive volumes of data, and increase their business agility.

Agamin has expertise in identifying such pain points to deliver digital solutions and leverage telecom providers to alter their operational processes and improve the quality of their offerings.

Artificial Intelligence

Virtual assistance, chatbots, and other tools have enhanced IT firms and improved the face of telecom. We at Agamin provide you with solutions that have an unrivaled ability to analyze and process enormous amounts of data to increase service quality, customer experience, and happiness.

AI Bots

Automated Support and Intelligent Storage

Insight Engines

Virtual Assistance & Data Processing

Network Orchestration & Self-Optimizing

IoT for Telecom

Telecom connects people and things. IoT has shown to be an asset in remotely managing data centers and base stations while reducing network downtime, improving business procedures, and generating more revenue.

Predictive Maintenance

Device management through Digital Twins

Inventory Management

Remote Monitoring & Troubleshooting

IoT Cloud

RPA & Telecom

Telecom is one of the many industries with a high rate of RPA solution adoption. We assist organizations in utilizing the correct solutions to manage repetitive, rule-based operations such as responding to customer inquiries, tracking, report generating, and other back-office labor. RPA contributes to increased operational savings by focusing on more critical concerns.

Network Management

First Call Resolution (FCR)

Invoice & Purchase Order Processing

Report Generation & Dissemination

Hybrid Automation

Data & Analytics

As the telecom industry adopts IoT to improve efficiency, massive amounts of data are collected via sensors and other instruments. We provide big data solutions for you that efficiently transmit data across networks, support new technologies, and deliver useful business insights.

Predictive Analytics

Customer Churn Prevention

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Recommendation Engines

Data Monetization

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