Bridging the Physical & the Digital to Unleash your Productivity



Bridging the Physical & the Digital to Unleash your Productivity

The factory floor is Industry 4.0's playground. However, solutions that do not scale can cost millions of dollars. Agamin's Digital Industry 4.0 solutions are designed to grow the industrial organization by boosting production and efficiency while decreasing costs.

Our Path-breaking

Digital Solutions

  • Asset Management
  • Real-time Tracking (RTLS)
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Automation
  • Integration
  • Production Tracking


Due to continuous growth in product variants and the challenges of reducing downtime, lead time, and time-to-market, discrete manufacturing has been under immense pressure to innovate. Though these challenges are not new to the industry, the rapid spread of digitalization has paced them. Agamin’s strong technical heritage and expertise address the difficulties that manufacturers face and create new Industrial Solutions to help them stand out in the ecosystem.

Our Solutions

Shop-floor Automation Solution

Predictive Analytics

In-store Asset tracking

Field Sales Automation Solution

Smart Apps


Setbacks, discrepancies, and time constraints can cause the entire production system obsolete and inefficient. In such a situation, it is necessary to involve digital solutions in the system on multiple fronts to increase efficiency, decrease costs, and eliminate errors. It will give a positive contribution to the overall flexibility and effectiveness.
Agamin uses innovative digital solutions in the manufacturing process with IoT, Data Analytics, Intelligent Automation, and Digital Apps. Maintain efficiency throughout operations and results.

Our Solutions

Asset Tracking Solutions

Predictive analytics

Procurement automation

Conversational analytics

Smart Apps


The aviation sector has not been spared the difficulties of adapting to quickly shifting industry priorities and increasing customer demands.

Creating an ecosystem for OEMs, MRO businesses, and Suppliers to design, operate, and manage product development using digital solutions methods has become the concrete base for enterprises to grow and lead in this next-generation technology era.

It is time to redefine and reinvent business processes to dive into the new era of digital transformation in the Aerospace industry. We use IoT, Intelligent Automation, Data Analytics, and Digital Apps to simplify decision-making within an organization. We have extensive industry knowledge that assists organizational efficiency throughout and aftermarket services.

Our Solutions

Virtual warehouse solution

Predictive analytics

AR, VR & MR solutions

Passenger experience solutions

Visual analytics solutions

IoT for asset tracking

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