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Intelligent and Connected Platform

for Smart Enterprises

Helping Enterprises to Monitor, Manage and Optimize Critical Elements of Business such as Assets, People and Process through Intelligent and IOT driven Solutions.


Our Digital Containment solution helps authorities implement an effective 'Home Quarantine' regime and reduce stress on healthcare Infrastructure. A comprehensive solution that provides tagging and tracking of individuals by means of an easy-to-use IoT-based wrist band. This enables effective and precise recording of the entire duration of Home Quarantine and alerts the authorities of any breaches.

Fighting COVID19 by Maintaining Safe Social Distancing

at the Workplace

Qonch Smart ID card holders enable businesses to resume maintaining safe social distancing at the workplace.


Gain Instant Visibility and Control across your Entire Business – Anytime, Anywhere

We address Enterprise Asset Management Challenges with Simplified IoT.

Qonch helps you to get a good grip over the challenges you are facing over managing your valuable assets, process and people and have an omnipresence view of your entire business at your fingertips!

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